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House Restoration With Brian Branton | Renovation of the Historic Cedar Grove

Brian Branton – an interior design, architecture, and historic home enthusiast – takes us inside his remarkable 18th century property, Cedar Grove, in South Carolina as he parses his restoration and renovation plans.

On this new series from Homeworthy, we will be visiting Brian at Cedar Grove throughout his renovation process, to watch the splendid design decisions unfold. With a keen eye for décor and a love for antiques, Brian plans to blend historical features with fresh, layered elements to create a home that feels both timeless and uniquely his own. His goal is to restore the home, which hasn’t been touched in years and needs “a lot of love,” to its original glory.

Brian has built a loyal following on social media thanks to his talent in the realm of design and architecture, as well as his exuberant approach to holiday décor – which has been featured on Homeworthy in the past.