Historic Homes

Inside an Eclectic Gut-Renovated Home in Nottingham, England

The House Upstairs founder Jodie Hazlewood welcomes us inside her beautifully restored home in Nottingham, England.

Jodie, a former fashion merchandiser and makeup artist, had the opportunity to pursue her passion for interior design when she and her partner, Ollie, acquired their home during the early days of the COVID lockdown. Though the property was built for a lacemaker in 1875, it had fallen into a state of disrepair that demanded an extensive renovation – a project Jodie was excited to take on.

During the renovation, the construction work unveiled a treasure trove of beautiful original Victorian stained glass windows, intricate plasterwork, and exquisite friezes. Jodie skillfully incorporated a delightful blend of vintage decor, budget-friendly discoveries, and vibrant splashes of color, breathing life and character back into the home. Throughout the design process, Jodie aimed to infuse the home with the essence of her and Ollie's passions, creating an eclectic and inviting atmosphere that exudes a feeling of a well-lived space.