Photography: John Daniel Powers
Historic Homes

A Restored Victorian Home in Los Angeles

Restoring a 1890’s Primordial Victorian home was a decade-long labor of love for architect Patrick Bernatz and his wife. Patrick sought to rediscover the California of his and his wife's childhood memories – resulting in an extensive renovation project that preserved the home's authenticity and charm.

A striking feature of this historic home is the custom-designed furniture crafted from locally sourced materials. The original flooring was carefully maintained, highlighting the home's historical roots. In the pursuit of authenticity, new additions to the structure were seamlessly integrated by drawing inspiration from typologies of sleeping porches and bungalows.

Throughout the house, a dedication to the preservation of historical elements is evident, with many materials, including salvaged or replicated moldings, seamlessly blending with the past. The garden, adorned with native plants, provides a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle, reflecting the couple's commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle. Patrick's hotel design background shines through, emphasizing eco-conscious design practices. His home is a living testament to history and a vision of a sustainable architectural future, where past and present beautifully coexist.