Vintage Vibes

Amazing Vintage Home Decor Ideas | Top Seven

On today’s special episode of Homeworthy, we’re bringing you 7 of our favorite vintage home decor designs handpicked by our editors. From cottages in the bucolic English countryside to small apartments in downtown Charleston, these tastemakers are aficionados when it comes to hunting for antiques and incorporating them into their beautifully unique spaces.

#7 Skye McAlpine Renowned cook book author and Tavola founder Skye McAlpine brings us inside her divine Victorian home in the heart of Southwest London. Watch Skye's full home tour episode here.

#6 Carmen Haid Carmen Haid, founder of ATELIER MAYER, gives us an exclusive tour of her gorgeous desert oasis in Morocco. Watch Carmen's full home tour episode here.

#5 Dean Yoder Interior designer Dean and his husband Jonathan Grimm take us inside their extraordinary Long Island home. The couple completely revamped the Dutch colonial home after years of neglect and turned it into the sanctuary of their dreams. Watch Dean and Jonathan's full home tour episode here.

#4 Emily Sermons Adobe project manager and interior design enthusiast Emily Sermons welcomes us inside her charming and timeless 600 square foot home in Charleston, South Carolina. Watch Emily's full home tour episode here.

#3 Ambrice Miller Ambrice Miller, founder of Relic Interiors, welcomes Homeworthy into her quaint and utterly charming 1700’s Georgian home in Suffolk, England. Watch Ambrice's full home tour episode here.

#2 Lucas Rufin Lucas Rufin, a self-taught designer and founder of Caligula Supernova Interiors, gives us a tour of his stunning flat filled with timeless charm in Bloomsbury, London. Watch Lucas' full home tour episode here.

#1 Sarah Gibson Wiley Textile designer Sarah Gibson Wiley takes us for a tour of her 1960’s ranch in Richmond, Virginia. Watch Sarah's full home tour episode here.